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Tuesday, January 18

Bad Fortune Happy Life

‘’Everybody got something they have to leave behind…I never had a dream come true’’ S Club7

Why it is bad fortune? Because I never been so lucky as others. They get what ever they want and what they dream.  No matter how bad it is to me, my emotion does not taking over the happiness. Everything is under controlled; I managed to control what I felt deep down inside in me. If I was destiny to be the cadaver for medical students, instead of my calm corpse face, sure they will find out my heart was thick black, lots of scratch and burned marks, may be some stitches too! I think so…Hey! I’m independent girl ok! I can do everything by myself as long there is someone willing to teach me how and I’m eager to learn new thing. Exploration won’t let you down; it is part of excitement in this world kind of drama.

Know what? Dream to go abroad such as Germany to do my practical training that is my only hope to fly away from here. So I take Deutsch as my 3rd language ( Is my 4th  actually after mandarin) and maintaining my cgpa 3 pointer above because my lecturers said, it is brighter chance if you were in Deutsch class and having such pointer to doing practical training abroad, send by the faculty. All 3 semester in Deutsch class, I scored an A for it. What’s more you want from me old men? Am I not good enough for you to select? Or my star was not shining so bright as others so you don’t see mine. Someone may be over shadowed my lucky star already I though. Okay fine…I’m not a student representative council of the faculty but I was the candidate before. I was in the student’s club society as one of the exco. All right…I never do anything to bring up faculty’s name in nation to make them proud, I’m not like those people! Stop dreaming babe, if you only helping speak out about your course, promoting to the parents and students, so called your ‘’adik-adik’’, in way to attract them entering your course, faculty and university. Those old creep people don’t see that.

Next time, don’t you ever trust what other older people said to you, sweet talker laa weh! Forget it, don’t listen to them 100%, just do whatever you want, listen to your heart, as long you follow the right path, it’s gonna be alright then. When you come to this kind of situation and you feel very bad about it, someone might say this to you, ‘’redha laa..bukan rezeki kot…’’ So lame cliché statement okay. May be they should rephrase that statement to something else. If you keep with that stand, until the end of the day you will never be success, as you want to be. Need to do something, take a chance, and make a change! There is more and more astronauts go out of the space and you will only keep living in the same horizon if you don’t dare to make a change. Ladies and gentlemen, that is my opinion only, no hard feeling okay if any of you doesn’t agree with it.

It is not about all this above my bad fortune; I’m not saying that I am not grateful with what I already have given by Allah. It just some reality that I want to share, isn’t it right? Sometimes you will feel there is no one see you, we just like a dull old shoes that people won’t wear it anymore. When it comes to desperate moment and no choice of choosing other shoes, then only we are useful to them. Being the last choice? Ouchhh~ that’s hurts a lot! Huhuhu :P That is how the feeling when you walk in my shoes. Whatever it is happening to me, I know what comes around goes around, if it was not today, there must be some other days that promising a better future for me. It just someday will be happen as I wish.

What I’m happy about my life? I happy what I have now, just forget about the bad fortune, don’t think about it extremely serious day and night but if you want to loose your hair, it is a pleasure to do so. Hahaha! J I’m glad having such a supportive, caring and loving parents. They understand me so well; they will let me do anything I want (of course doing the right thing). I have lots of friend, in FB profile friend list, it is up to 1140 something however not thousands of them are really close to me, just few of them actually. There is BFF during my school time until now actually. Glad to know her. Two or three close friend during matriculation and know my close friends was from various faculty, we are like siblings, met in same programmed in same mission. Honestly, I was not that so close with friends in same course because they don’t really know me well.

Anyway, if you don’t really recognize me, you might think and say, ‘’sombong! Garang!’’. Hey, don’t judge a book by its cover; I’m not that bad okay. It just my real character, saying thing honestly in front of you doesn’t mean that I want to hurt your feeling. Honesty is the best policy right? ‘’Garang?’’ I don’t simply act like that if you don’t make any mess with me, “Don’t mess with the best cause the best don’t mess. Don’t fool with the fool cause the fool don’t fool” (my school cheer). That’s why I’m comfort to hang out with those other course’s friends. It is out going fun to be with them and they are supportive too, also helpful.

A tip to keep you happy without thinking or remember those bad fortunes is keeping yourself busy! Join some club or society programme, get involves in some events, be surrounded by peoples with happy face. You will find out it is meaningful when you treasure something new in your life besides meeting lots of new clicks (not necessary chicks okay…who know you will meet your love one here). Get the social network by your own version. I told you earlier, exploration wouldn’t let you down! But…no matter how busy you are, don’t you ever forget about your priority in life. Study first if you are students, work first if you are an employee, family first if you already have your own family.

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