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Sunday, April 17

Report - Girls Day Out

16 April 2011

Release stress, having fun, dating & JJCM (jln2 cuci mata!)

Problem Statements:
1) Just end up my internship yesterday & stay back at Shah Alam on weekend so boredom in hole of hearts again.
 2) My bestie stress out with her FYP work that not done yet, SOS!

Picanto, Mid Valley Megamall, Federal Highway, Touch 'n' Go, Golden Screen Cinema, Exhibition Hall, Mc Donalds, Momoe, MPH, Watson, Jusco Department Store, Escalator, ATM machine, Pop Corn, Marshmellow, Toilet, Surau and last but not least enegertic legs to make lots of move!

1) Plan for some outing and movie marathon to make us laugh again like crazy.
2) Check movie showtime that available on the date of program.
3) Set an appoinment with each other regarding date, time, place and invitation to other friends.
4) Drive a car on Federal Highway by early morning  in way to reach place on time.
5) Round and merry-g0-round to find a parking lot.
6) Straightly bought movie tickets.
7) Enter MPH book store - searching for several type of pencils and window shopping for books. (@_@)
8) Watch first movie - Rio (two loving blue macaw adventure in Rio de Jeneiro)
9) Enter Momoe boutique - buy 'lucky charm' bracelet, clover necklace & sling bag.
10) Lunch at Mc Donalds
11) Watch second movie - Hop (Easter bunny fighting for his dream to be a drummer)
12) Get into Exhibition Centre - MCTF'11 & 14th Post Graduate Education Fair.
13) Watson - random shopping for personal care product.
14) Leaving Mid Valley at 6.30 pm, get back to Shah Alam.
15) Stop by stationary shop at Pusat Komersil, Sek.7 - hunting pencils mission.
16) Back to own 'nest' and rest.


A blue macaw that can't fly...!
Blu, Jewel, Rafael, Nico, Nigel, Luiz, Linda
Extra credit to Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx for their awesome voice for singing! Cutie yellow Nico :)

Excellent colabration singing partner of Jamie Foxx & Will.I.Am voice of cast!
Bringing the mood in Blu ;P

Featuring E.B (ambitious Easter Bunny to be a drummer in a band, cast by Russel Brant)
and Fred, a son that hate by his parents because don't have a job.

Few phemplet (ok lpe nk spell cmne dh....) from local and foreign universities, going for Master or PhD?
Mak dah bising la wehhh suh aku keje cepat support family :(
I love CLOVER so the necklace and 'Devil's wear Prada' lucky charm bracelet
Mission accomplished!

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