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Monday, September 19


Stress mode this few weeks
even though it's only my 2nd week of new sem
but a bad start for me
just because of this one major issue.
I don't know how to explain?
I don't know who should I talk to?
Only Allah and my Bunny know me well, how I feel.

I would sit here for hours and hours
beside the river watching and observing the surrounding.

Same thing to do here
It's more peaceful for me to be here alone
to calm and rest myself for few days maybe weeks too!

Really hope to get out from this awkward situation A.S.A.P!
Set my goal now to save some money
I want to fly away from here
searching my own serenity and tranquility place to calm myself.

Thanks for those who alway be my side.
Who understand me well.
Who care for me till now.
Love you all :)


MinahSpekMerah said...

ko pekehei?
lek.xyah stress sgt.bru 2nd week. :)

NuryBella said...

kau x fhm stress aku cmne kt umh ni..hummm...bkn stress psl study okayy je aku x ksh..

MinahSpekMerah said...

whatever ur problem is,redah dgn relak.
ak xtau nk nasihat ape.haha.memalam ne ak jam.huehue.
tdo la. :)

NuryBella said...

nnt2 laa..klu sempat line clear aku story laa ck8....haha