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Sunday, September 18

My 17th September

Okay. yesterday I went to KL again.
It's my 2nd trip to KL this week after PECIPTA2011 at KLCC.
This one was special invitation from Cik R.
Ok..shut up! I know I've change in form of shape..
getting chubby again.
So what? I don't care of my weight...HAHAHA! :P

Early bird arrived at 12 noon.
Venue Cik R house with Fatimah

With Tuan Rumah.Thanx for inviting us :)
Sedap your mom masak! mcm mkn kt kedai hehe

In LRT from Wangsa Maju to KL Sentral
Start to pack during evening.
When future engineer in the train, we do observe everything!
You know what engineer mean right? :P

While waiting for my 1st bf, Ayah to fetch me.
I saw this two very young girl, still in school I think.
Style habess dowhh...bajet hot bajet sexy!
Badan straight je pun bukan glass curve nak show off!
Budak-budak zaman sekarang, JANGAN TIRU AKSI NI.
Mauu juling mata opah atok kat kampung tengok..Muahaha

Kasut burruk yang uzur tunggu masa dibuang.
Ohh myyyy......

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