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Tuesday, February 8

Dekat TAPI Jauh

ABCDEFGH mereka dekat, M dan N pun sama!

Kenapa I dengan U jauh?

<<Mr. ChIpSmOrE RoNaLdMoRe>>
Quite long I'm flowing and go with the flow but still I don't know what and how should I describe this. You are clueless to me eventhough how hard I try to get a clue. You so mystery to me, there is too much about you that I can't predict or even guess. Everytimes your name appeared on the screen, I'm confused. Should I be happy with it or mad? But you successfully put a smile on my face everytime it was like that. Glad to know you even may be we are not mean to be with each other, we never been together before. Would you give me more clue to investigate this love scene tragedy of us?

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