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Friday, October 21

Business, Aircond?

19/10/2011 (Wed) | 0930-1100
Task been assigned by ENT600 lecturer.
Written review about program to be submit on next class.

Malaysian Academy of SME & Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED)
Idea Master is one of our alumni UiTM company
Main Product: F1 corporate shirt, round neck &collar t-shirt,
 jerseys, vest, caps, lanyards, pens etc.

UiTM Terengganu booth selling batik.
 Proud with them, most of our senior and alumni successfully opening their own business
and already open their business more than 3 years!

Some of them are:
Trans Rengit Tour Sdn Bhd
Rezeki Ika (Strawberry product)
Exacmust (M) Sdn Bhd
Tadika Restu Bonda


20/10/2011 (Thurs) | 1300 - 1700
Industrial visit for special topic, HVAC Systems.
Here we are at Hospital Sg Buloh!
Previously we visited Engine Square UiTM & DATC UiTM, Shah Alam.

Plant Room: Chiller (CHWR & CHWS), Condenser (CDWR & CDWS),
Glycol (EGS & EGR), Heat Exchanger

This is it the 3phase induction motor look like
we learn in EPE490 (Electric Power & Machine)

Heat Exchager: Cool water (Low temperature) & Hot air (High temperature)
Cool water supply from ice tank (glycol as catalyst to be cold)

Ice Tank at Hosp. Sg. Buloh.
Supply cool water to heat exchanger.
Differ to Engine Square ice cells where it supply cold air to buildings.
Different place require different design of aircond system.
In hospital itself, we use positive pressure aircond in OT (Operation Theatre)
and negative pressure aircond for quarantine infection room.
Lots of different aircond system for hospital compared to normal building.

AHU - air handling unit (Hall)
SU - split unit (House/office aircond)
Centralized air conditioning (Buildings)

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