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Saturday, October 30

Series of OUR story

cartoon monologue scene:
A cute gurl holding a warm fresh bloody heart in her hand and saying this to the boy in front her, ''How much longer I should hold this heart for you? Please take it faster before I'm getting tired of holding it for you and before I keep it back in me....'' (face down & look hopeless)

from A-Z..but I and U are far away seperated apart.

U come to me when i was halfway of feeling down n u boost my spirit back to work out on it! tq dearest!

''so if u have love somebody puts ur hands up!'' bak kata Nelly in Just a Dream

I don't know what type of EGO in YOU, it just making me tired of waiting this all drama of our own. ''Waiting for you is like waiting for the rain in drough!'' - A Cinderella Story
It's me who don't understand or you just don't want to understand it? As my dearest told me, JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. Ok, I'm follow it now. Really hope to hear from you SOON.
~ich vermisse dich. xoxo~

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