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Monday, January 2

Buh-bye 2011

One whole week of the 54th weeks in 2011,
it was end to be like this.
I don't really sleep, i don't really eat.
My life was such a mess for the whole weeks!


Mechanical Engineering Design Presentation!
[28th December 2011]
A night before presentation, I don't sleep all night long
doing the assembly drawing again in CATIA.
The next day with a zombie like face I came to faculty for ENT presentation,
with a pair of baju kurung that i wore from A.M. to A.M.
Then going to mamak restaurant at mid night with the same selekeh looks. 
Hohohoho...keserabutan diri melanda.

On the presentation day,
sampai group members pun ingat aku tak mandi..Puihhh~
aku mandi laa...gler apa pergi presentation tak mandi.
First impression on our professional appearance is essential! :)
Yeahh..and Im so happy on that day coz everyone wearing smartly,
besides our presentation go smoothly eventhough sangat cuak before tu..huu~

Mechanical Engineering Product Assessment!
[29th December 2011]
Again, I am rushing to faculty workshop for product evaluation by panels.
No more neat look on me,
I just woke up 45 minutes before the evaluation,
hence I need to rush taking bus to faculty that morning.
Fiuhhh...everything pass!

Our medical stretcher name is NHO-RY11 :D
with the 4 HEROES (team members)
Estimated load: 170+ kg..but max. load ckp kt panel 150kg
Proven our medical stretcher KUAT!
Mechanical Engineering Report Submission!
[30th December 2011]
Once again, my sleep time was burned!
I don't sleep again for the whole night.
Ok tipu aku tido kejap but just 2-3 hours of sleep only.
I just can't close my eyes and sleep tightly
until I complete my works.
Dedicated huhhh? 
Yeahh..and so I'm a perfectionist in doing my work especially report!

After I settled down everything and stressed out with those people character,
I decided to go back my home sweet home to get enough rest and sleep!
Last minutes decision okayy, I don't plan to go home
cause I plan to study for my 1st exam paper this Thursday (5th Jan).
But my plan was fail....seems like have to burn mid night oil starting tonight.

Exam's weeks that don't really feel like exam's weeks.

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