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Tuesday, December 14


Songs that make my days and swing my way instead of mood:

NeYo - One In A Million
Love the way he the rhythm & love the song!

Sara Barelleis - King Of Anything
She's rawks! Talented..nice song ''King of Anything''!

Taylor Swift - Speak Now
Love her hair...nice dress..nice song but she's skinny :P

Katy Perry - Fireworks
kinda motivated lyrics...cutie katy ^_^

Shirley Bassey - Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me
Evergreen song that I suddenly playing in my mind like a broken record.

**Don't know why since yesterday, I keep saw a lot of Satria Neo car on road and it remind me to someone. Actually that someone don't even drive that type of car and I really don't have any idea why I remember that someone when I saw that car. Confusing right? Chipsmore on board may be...HAHAHA :))

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