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Thursday, February 9

A Note For . . .

Dear YOU,

No matter where you are, where you go without living any sign for me to track you down to know how you have been. Sometimes I feel lost in the dark, searching the missing pieces of me everywhere in the dark without a single light even from a small shining star. But in that darkness and clueless, I don't know why I can still see you there and confidently know you were there. My instinct drive me away to get up, to move on with this endless life. Little by little I walked through the days with brave without loosing my breath and keeping my faith. Never mind if you leave me here clueless because I will still wait for you there on the day where we will win for this battle. Because some where in the middle, my heart simply tell me you are the one, no matter how strong I refuse to admit it. 
When your instinct tell you the thing, then listen to your heart.

From ME.

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yad'z said...

nice one.. there's no one i can see in the dark except you.. :')